From the files

Posted on April 23, 2013


Decided to pull out the poetry files and share then I have to get back to the books. Finals tomorrow!

You didn’t break my heart, only bruised my ego. You made me cry, not because you left, but because you didn’t have enough faith in either of us to give it a chance. I was afraid, but chose to try…you’re fear locked you up inside. I’m angry, because you made me care when I didn’t want to share. I may the one with scars but you are with, but you are the one to pity. The one who is so afraid of happiness, that you run in the other direction.

I wrote a lot of poetry when I was a teen and young adult. Angst ridden, boo hoo filled prose. Some is pretty good, like the above, the majority could’ve been written by a slightly more emotional Bella Swan…

For my fellow authors, how many of you began life as a poet and spread your wings into the novel world?

From time to time, when I need a creative release, I will put pen to paper and write some good (and not so good) poetry.

Okay, back to studying and prepping for finals. See y’all later!