Want ads…

Posted on April 26, 2013


Want ads, personals, advertisements…buying, selling, marketing…if you are looking to market your books, you need to know how to sell them, you first must market your story to the publisher, then market it to the reading public.

In some of my social interactions there is the discussion of joining dating sites. (Yes, this is looping in a convoluted manner but it does interconnect…) Dating websites are ways to market yourself, to do some shopping around, and maybe find the item you want to keep… In order for a dating site, or dating in general to work you must know what you want…(you don’t go grocery shopping without a last, do you? OCD people like me have lists, coupons attached to pages in the sales fliers, follow the same routine path through the store every trip…) anyway…so I decided that for fun I would make my shopping list for date material:

Tall ( I love tall men, over 6 foot is wonderful)
Long hair (I love to tangle my fingers in hair)
Blue eyes
Biker type
Animal lover
Kid lover
Nature lover
ATV rider
Treat me like the greatest gift in his life
Job Security
Great hands (I love a nice neck/back rub)
Can barbecue
Will eat any meal I prepare without complaint
If he looks like Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, or The Undertaker it’s GREAT!
Can sing
Can play the guitar (see the hands comment)

Then I reviewed my list…yes, it’s very superficial…but I know what I want. In my review I went through the items I’m willing to compromise on. Height: it doesn’t matter his physical size, a giant in his heart/personality means more. Hair? We’re all getting older and besides, a bald head is sexy! (Dwayne Johnson….) eye color? Doesn’t matter…can he ride a motorcycle, ATV or horse? So what if he can’t! I can and its something I can teach him! BBQ? not a complete deal breaker…play guitar…again, not a deal breaker…sing? If he does it with passion but cant carry a tune in a bucket, so what?!?! Job security is importAnt but in this day and economy, no one has that! What I am not willing to compromise on: Christian, Treat me like the greatest gift in his life, kid/animal/nature lover, great hands, everything else is negotiable…

What is on your list?