Death Rides a Pale Harley

Wild Wild Weekend

June 9, 2014


Let me tell you the last few (years) weeks have been wildly crazy. My free time has been divided up among local hospitals, doctor offices, boyfriend’s place and sleeping…My best friend’s son (who is like my own child) has been in hospital for the last two, almost three weeks. He had medication issues and has […]

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May 2, 2014


They happen at the oddest times and in the oddest places, am I right? So mine happened this morning in the shower while getting ready for work. People in my close social circle know I’ve been struggling with some issues over the past year or so. Trying to be the “right kind of person” and […]

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Admit it, We’ve ALL Done It

April 21, 2014


Howdy! Yes, please don’t faint or anything but I’m back! I’m among the living and HAPPY to be here! As you know if you’ve followed me, my life has been a rocky roller coaster the past couple of years. The loss of my husband, my home and my direction kept me done for a while. […]

Coming to Terms

May 14, 2013


I haven’t written, much less submitted and had published, a new book in months…okay, years. I’ve made all kinds of excuses: my husband died….lost our home and had to move…grandmother died…lost my job…had to move again…went back to school… Yes, they’re true and great excuses, but that is all they are. I know writers struggling […]

Don’t say…

May 3, 2013


You’re beautiful…show me how much you desire me Trust me…saying it is a flag, proving you can be trusted is more important I can’t stop thinking about you…this is a good thing unless you’ve demonstrated you only think about ONE thing I need you…see above I cherish the moments we’ve spent together… I can’t breathe […]

Want ads…

April 26, 2013


Want ads, personals, advertisements…buying, selling, marketing…if you are looking to market your books, you need to know how to sell them, you first must market your story to the publisher, then market it to the reading public. In some of my social interactions there is the discussion of joining dating sites. (Yes, this is looping […]

From the files

April 23, 2013


Decided to pull out the poetry files and share then I have to get back to the books. Finals tomorrow! You didn’t break my heart, only bruised my ego. You made me cry, not because you left, but because you didn’t have enough faith in either of us to give it a chance. I was […]