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One Water Witch, one Marine Biologist—will it be a cruise on the Love Boat or the Titanic?

 Maryna Duile has challenged her sisters to a find the mortal contest. Being a water element witch the mortal must be in her element. She places an ad in the local paper, but when there are no immediate replies, she heads for Olympus and an afternoon with her close friend Eros.

   River Braddock is a marine mammal biologist and he’s just discovered a new species of dolphin. What he doesn’t know is that this is no ordinary dolphin, but Triton chaperone to Maryna during her stay on earth.

   Maryna’s first meeting with River is anything but stellar, but the more she thinks of him, the more she needs him and the more she blunders her spells.  Once she gets into the flow will she win his heart or be all washed up?



If you enjoy classic television from the likes of Bewitched, then this is the tale for you. With all the dark paranormal romantic fiction out there today, I found this lighthearted and sweetly written book refreshing. This isn’t the dark side of witches, warlocks and werewolves, but instead the fun part with talking dolphins, disappearing clothing and a whole lot of good entertainment. Ms. Covey created a world of witches who wander into the mortal realm for some fun or maybe lunch. This is where we meet Maryna and her sisters. Heads up: look for more stories from this author in her Elementals series. I look forward to them~~Orange Blossom, LASR

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 A storm is brewing and the race is underway—will it be love or a natural disaster?

    Storm Duile is what they call an Elemental; a witch with special powers over one of the four aspects of nature, in her case, air. Her sisters have issued a challenge: Be the first one to find a mortal in her element, make him fall in love and propose. She’s sure she can be the first one; she just has to find the right mortal.

   Enter Vance Nodin a storm chaser for the National Weather Service working out of Red Cabin Oklahoma. He’s too preoccupied in his research developing a new severe weather early warning device to be bothered with a little thing like love.

   When they meet, lightening crashes and Storm is set to stir the air with this hunky weatherman. Can she win the contest or will her heart be blown away?


4.5 Books from Orange Blossom @ LASR:


The hero of the story (Vance) calls Storm ‘a wild and free spirit.’ And that is Storm to a T. She embodies the characteristics of her element. Her emotions are as unpredictable as the weather she has power over. Storm is very confident at being able to entrap an unsuspecting mortal. After having read two of these books, I get the feeling that these witches don’t know or understand mortals or the mortal realm very well. But once they dip their finger into the mortal pool they no longer wish to return to things as normal. It was quite fun watching Storm not only fall in love against her wishes but also try to conform to normality on earth. Things like getting a job, cooking dinner or even driving a car.

I love that this series is written about smart (yet sexy) men–scientific men. They are Alpha mixed with Beta so I guess that makes them Gammas. Ms. Covey shows us that smart is sexy–at least I found myself more attracted to a man with a brain. It isn’t all about the body, ladies. Vance may be a man of science (a meteorologist) but he’s also an adventurer seeking out to tame those unpredictable tornadoes. And maybe he’ll find a way to tame Storm too.
In my last review, I compared the Elemental Series to the tv show Bewitched and in this sequel the author actually has her heroine watching that particular show on the television. Priceless! I loved it! If you like your paranormals with a humorous flare, witches who control the elements and fall in love like the rest of us then make sure to read Storm Chasing. Curl up with it close to the fire on a cold, stormy night. It’s sure to keep you warm.

Rating: You Need to Read
Reviewed by: Mickey
What is more dangerous than a bored witch with time on her hands and the whole world as her playground; try four witches with immense power and the will to cause mischief. In Donica Covey’s Storm Chasing four sisters find themselves facing another springtime with nothing to do when one decides to challenge to her sisters to a contest. The terms: the first one who can make a human male fall in love with her without using any magic, only her natural charms, will be the winner. They each agree to the challenge and decide upon their Aunt Meggie as their Judge, and the person who assigns them each a chaperon; after all they need to be honest about following the rules, don’t they? It all seems fairly simple and easy; at least that is what Storm Duile believes until she finds herself in Red Cabin, Oklahoma trying to capture the attention of Vance Nodin, her human male.
While Vance might be a local meteorologist and Storm Chaser, with tornados as his passion, he’s not an easy man to find and pin down. Storm’s elemental power is the wind and she is able to control the storms that result, but any advantage she would have does not really exist because she is not allowed to use her magic. The beauty of Storm Chasing is not just the romance which is very well written, with a nice touch of sensuality, spice and humor, but also Ms. Covey’s use of so many well-developed and charming secondary characters. Fortunately for her fans, Storm’s sisters are destined to have their own books too, and I am sure there are more than a few other characters that the readers will hope to see again as well. This is a very enjoyable book; I have little doubt the others in the series will be just as entertaining.
5 Angels from FAR:

Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down. Throughout the book I felt that Storm is a warm and caring person with doubts that love even exists. When she meets Vance she begins to believe that there just might be more to it than what she thought. Vance is a geeky, work-a-holic storm chaser who can go for days on end doing nothing but chase his storms. His focus never strayed until Storm appeared in his life. Although this is the second book in the series it stands very well on its own. Storm Chasing is a quick, funny read, and I would recommend it to every romance lover. I will be looking for more books written by Ms. Covey.

Reviewed by: Kim N.


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