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They shattered his world by kidnapping his fiancée—paybacks are a bitch.

Justice Bernard, DEA Special Agent, and his team have spent years investigating and putting kinks in the chain of drugs entering and leaving St. Louis. He’s seen a lot in his line of work but he’s blindsided when the love of his life is kidnapped on the very day he proposed.  


Callye Ann Simone’s world just got turned upside down. One minute she’s with the man she loves, the next she’s in the hands of a madman. It’s going to take all her strength and her faith in Justice to pull her through.


Justice must find her at any cost. Her kidnappers are the very men he’s shaken down for drug trafficking–and they want revenge…



Callye’s Justice is not your typical romance, and I mean that in a good way. Donica Covey doesn’t just skim the surface of the characters; we are taken deep into what makes them who they are. Justice doesn’t play the typical hero. He has real flaws, he doesn’t always know what to do, and his struggle to handle what happens feels more real to me then a lot of what I read in books these days. I wanted to cry for him. We didn’t just feel for Callye, who was the victim; we got to see how hard it is to be the person seeing a loved one in pain.


Callye is also another great character. She had a natural reaction to the things that happened to her, she didn’t try to turn into a superhero. She didn’t just go from being a victim to being back to normal; Donica Covey managed to portray emotions in an uncommonly good and realistic way. At the heart of this book, it’s about two people who are in love who need to find their way back to each other during and after a tragic event. ~~Ashley FAR


Callye’s Justice is an intense and emotional saga. From the first page Donica Covey begins building suspense and danger for this couple. This is not a meek, all is right with the world, isn’t life beautiful story. It’s an honest look at how evil men can be and how strong a woman can be and also how great is the power of love~~Tara

 She was hired to kill him, but fell for him instead–ain’t love a bitch?

Chase Willet is a DEA agent working from the St. Louis office. He is in the process of destroying the business of a high dealing drug lord, Ramiro Gonzalo Sancho Rivera. They’ve already put a large chunk in the import train, but it’s not enough. They have to take out Rivera to stop the line.


Brandy Montgomery swept Chase off his feet. She’s sexy, smart but she has a secret. Brandy is a hired gun for Rivera.  She’s spending time softening Chase up so that he won’t be prepared for the kill.


 The problem with Brandy’s plan is that the more time she spends with Chase, the more she falls for him. How can she do her job if she’s in love with the man? When the truth is revealed, she offers to help Chase take down Rivera. Should he trust her? Would you?



5 Books–

It has been a really long time since I got excited about a book! When I first read the blurb for this story I feel in love with it, I had to be the one to read Betraying Chase and do the review. When I read the story, I was blown off my feet! Wow! It is the best book in the romantic suspense category that I have read in a really long time. Ms. Covey is the master of romantic suspense! She took a story idea that is typical and made it unique, fresh, and hers. Brandy and Chase are two extremely difficult and passionate characters that help each other through their own journeys and realize they are on a journey together.

Tulip–LASR (Full Review)


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 When all hell breaks loose, you know the honeymoons over–sometimes life’s a bitch… 
Coming October 2010! 

Agent Mickey Flannery is finally going to take his wife Terese on the honeymoon they missed five years ago. The plans are made, the plane is landed and they arrive to the news they’ve been chosen for an upgraded holiday—a week on a private island all amenities included.

The private beach soon turns into paradise lost when they learn their gracious host is none other than Rafael Lesandro Rivera, Ramiro’s son, and he’s out for blood.

Can Mickey keep Terese and himself alive long enough to find a way of escaping the man who them join his hunting party—as the prey?











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