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Coming to Terms

May 14, 2013


I haven’t written, much less submitted and had published, a new book in months…okay, years. I’ve made all kinds of excuses: my husband died….lost our home and had to move…grandmother died…lost my job…had to move again…went back to school… Yes, they’re true and great excuses, but that is all they are. I know writers struggling […]

Don’t say…

May 3, 2013


You’re beautiful…show me how much you desire me Trust me…saying it is a flag, proving you can be trusted is more important I can’t stop thinking about you…this is a good thing unless you’ve demonstrated you only think about ONE thing I need you…see above I cherish the moments we’ve spent together… I can’t breathe […]

Nightmares & Bad Days

February 13, 2013


Last night I had horrible and vivid nightmares. I dreamed I failed both my finals today so the school sent Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th Jason), to kill me. The stink of his molding clothes hung in the air and clung to my body like a shroud. I hid in a Denny’s and watched him […]

Learning as I go…

August 1, 2012


Some days I feel like I belong on Worlds Dumbest People. I have a “smart phone” that took me forever to figure out. I still don’t know every little thing about it. My husband was the computer Guru and when my desk top died earlier this year I had to find a decent replacement–which I […]

You know it’s going to be one of those days when…

September 19, 2011


If you’ve been a follower of mine at all you know I suffer from horrible, terrible, REALLY bad insomnia. With recent events this has only escalated. Now I lie awake missing DH, worrying about the move, mentally decorating the new place or running through the checklist of what must still be done. Last night was […]

Long and sad weekend

September 12, 2011


Yesterday was ten years since the attacks by terrorists that shook this country to the core. I chose not to post, blog or even get on my computer at all this past weekend. It was a bad one for me because I was feeling very weak. I spent most of the weekend crying. My pain […]

Weekend Update

July 19, 2011


I went grocery shopping last Thursday with my mother. My DIL and 2 children-once-removed joined in the fun. Alyx–the three year old–was getting kind of loud so she and I played this game where we whispered and walked quietly to avoid being found by the motorcycle monster. As I walked down the frozen section I […]