Don’t say…

Posted on May 3, 2013


You’re beautiful…show me how much you desire me
Trust me…saying it is a flag, proving you can be trusted is more important
I can’t stop thinking about you…this is a good thing unless you’ve demonstrated you only think about ONE thing
I need you…see above
I cherish the moments we’ve spent together…
I can’t breathe without you…really? You seem to be doing fine so far….
You complete me…I don’t want to be an extension of you, I want to be a compliment to the greatness you already have

I don’t need words, I need actions
I don’t need sloppy sentiment, I need honesty
If I want fairytale moonlight and roses I will read or write about it.
I want real, lasting, love…I want someone I can trust with my heart and soul.
False advertising, fake words, contrived emotions are children’s games, not the foundation of an ever lasting relationship.

Okay…off to kill someone! See y’all peeps laters!