Nightmares & Bad Days

Posted on February 13, 2013


Last night I had horrible and vivid nightmares. I dreamed I failed both my finals today so the school sent Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th Jason), to kill me. The stink of his molding clothes hung in the air and clung to my body like a shroud. I hid in a Denny’s and watched him kill innocent people while searching for me. I hid under a counter in a gas station…finally I decided it was wrong to let innocent people die and I should just take what I deserved. I came out of hiding, Jason raised his knife and as he readied to plunge it into my chest, I woke up.

I went to school and while I didn’t fail my exam this morning, I did lose my Presidents List GPA. So I went to my second class, volunteered to be a guinea pig for urinalysis–side note, we’re all pleased to hear I’m not pregnant, LOL–then had my second exam, which I’m fairly confident I passed with at least a 92%!

I start new term Monday morning…Asepsis and Anatomy of the brain, heart, and…crud, I can’t remember!

I’m really bummed and freaking out because my GPA will drop greatly…like down to 3.5 or lower! I don’t know how much harder I can work and study! There is a nagging voice telling me to give up, drop out and pray for a burger flipping job somewhere. I cant quit, I NEED an education and a great job to support myself, but I know the classes are only going to get harder and I’m fearing being a failure…

How was your day?