Been MIA

Posted on November 27, 2012


Well, it’s been a while since I posted anything. Hang my head in shame…but I have actually been very busy. I decided to go back to school. Right now I’m in an accelerated program, I’m going for my Medical Assistant Diploma and moving on to my Associates Degree…I’m planning on moving on into either Polysomnography or maybe LPN.

This is not to say I’m giving up writing…I’ve just taken an extended hiatus to concentrate on my education. Today I finished my first term. I am extremely hard on myself…my test scores have not been where I want them to be… 87 and 89% on most of them. Today’s final exams were no different. I made an 89 on my first class final and a 96 on my second class final. I am truly proud of myself though…I finished with final scores of 91.5% in class A and 95% in class B.

I’m celebrating for the next 24 hours because I begin the new term courses on Wednesday.

I know any of you–including my publisher–are anxiously awaiting the next book in my Four Horsemen series…I promise you it WILL be worth the wait, I’m just sorry it’s taking me so long to get it out there. I’m slowly finding my way in the rough waters of single life, being the lone provider for my household. It’s not easy and I have so much respect for all those who have traveled this path before me and done it so successfully (and trust me, if you and your children have managed to survive YOU ARE successful!)

I have missed being with you all and hope that one day I can return on a more regular basis, for now know that I appreciate you all hanging with me during the last 19 months! Donica Covey fans ROCK!!!!

Huggles y’all!