Learning as I go…

Posted on August 1, 2012


Some days I feel like I belong on Worlds Dumbest People.

I have a “smart phone” that took me forever to figure out. I still don’t know every little thing about it.

My husband was the computer Guru and when my desk top died earlier this year I had to find a decent replacement–which I still can’t get everything from the old one onto the new…and hooking up the printer and connecting it to the household system? Forget it. Dd who is going to school to be a computer programmer is in the process of trying to figure it out…

Now I have to find health insurance. I was given DHs insurance for 18 months and at the end of that time I have to get new insurance so I am shopping now…I don’t know anything about insurance shopping. I know what I want, and I know what I can afford. I have gotten information about a possible new policy. It’s several hundred dollars cheaper than my current policy which is good. It says I can use my current providers…covers my daughter, also gives dental and vision coverage. The problem? I don’t know exactly what the details are…does that make sense? Basically DH knew it all, handled it all, and I was just happy with it. I’m really worried I’ll make another dumb mistake, ya know?

Part of my “malfunction” for lack of a better term, is that I’m extremely intimidated by change. I’m a creature of habit and I’m slightly OCD. If I have to face change it makes me physically ill. In the last year the changes have made me so ill I should be a size 2!

So I guess I shall suck it up and make a decision. After more reading, investigation and prayer, I will make a decision and have to rely on faith I’ve made the right one. Either that or try using the ouija board to contact DH and ask him what to do…lol

Am I the only one at has problems making decisions? Do you struggle with day to day decisions? Or am I alone in a sea of confusion…