Secret Fantasies…

Posted on July 12, 2012


We all have them. They can send chills racing along your spine…curl your toes…make you sigh with longing. For me they inspire my books–yes it’s been over a year since I wrote and had anything new released, but that doesn’t mean my fantasies have stopped. As a matter of fact in recent days my fantasy world has experienced a population explosion. Not only do I have the final three Four Horsemen novels plotted out (yes I have always been a panster but I have evolved…lol) I also ave two spine chilling thrillers plotted out and just this morning I had an idea for a contemporary romance that sprung into my mind. It made me smile because it was one of those if this were to happen to me my life would ROCK!

I found myself lost in the world of ‘wouldn’t it be amazing if this happened to me?’

For some people fantasies include winning the lottery. For others it’s falling in love. For still others its two men: one to do the inside household chores, the other maintains the outside of the home…

What is one of your secret fantasies. *warning: as my friend Valerie Parv says, ‘writers are vampires’ I might suck away your fantasy and turn it into a story line…

Thanks for popping in!

Huggles until next time!