I feel as if it’s been forever

Posted on June 25, 2012


Everything in my life is still up in the air. I’m still taking care of my grandmother and trying to fit writing into my schedule. Because my life has been soo wild I haven’t been able to post on my blog in months. I’m only going to be able to be here for a short time…I spent last week in Arkansas to give myself a bit of a rest from the insanity. While I was down there I had a brainstorm for the final book in the Four Horsemen series! Now all I have to do is write them. I had no clue where I was going with the last book. Book 2 decided to be become book 3 and in turn made book 2 #3 but the 4th one had no direction. Now if I can just get them written…lol

Dementia is horrible. My grandmother’s condition has improved physically but of course mentally she is never going to improve. We were certain she was on her deathbed…they told us we had one or two week left, that was a month ago…now she is so much stronger…she began eating more, drinking more and her body has just under gone this amazing transformation. She is now stronger than ever. Honestly I HATE this. Its like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride on crack…I resigned myself to her dying, then I resigned myself to her improving…I don’t want her to die, but when she sits and cries because she can’t remember anything…it kills me to see her like this. It’s hard…

This past week was a rough one anyway. Friday was the one year anniversary of my husband’s death. It was a day I would rather forget. I wanted to stay in bed for the weekend but it would have made everything worse. As it was, I forced myself to get out of bed, get dressed and Friday I went out with my mom. Saturday I got up by 4 to take my mom to the church building so she could go on the medical mission with the church group to Jamaica.

Jiminy….I have been blathering about everything under thee sun. Hope I haven’t bored y’all completely.

I hope the summer and life in general is going great for each and every one of you! I will be back again before long!


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