Posted on November 14, 2011


I hope I don’t get sued for using the above…I used to LOVE that show. One week I’d have a crush on Don Epps and the next I would have a thing for Colby Granger. But this post is not about walking down memory lane and revisiting some of my favorite episodes.

This post is about how numbers affect our lives…do they? I’ve never been one to hold to numerology or none of that. I’ve never had a lucky number or believed 13 was a horrible omen. I once lived in a house where the address was 666…just a number, right?

Then I was hit with this weird coincidence. In ’88–a number EVENLY divided by 22–I married my husband on October 22–my parents’ 22 year wedding anniversary. My husband and I shared 22 years of marriage that ended on June 22 with his sudden passing. Now, like I say, I’m not into numerology or anything but I think I will be avoiding the number 22 as best I can–wouldn’t you?

In other news, I’m getting rather excited. I’m hosting Thanksgiving in my new home this year. The place is much smaller and will require a bit of furniture rearranging, but I’m also pretty stoked about. Doing most all the cooking and baking…the cleaning…umm, wait…hold up, depressed myself with the thought of all that work…lol

We’ll be a little tight in my tiny place–there are going to be 20 of us (at least it’s not 22, right?) in my little house. But family will be there surrounding me and that’s what counts!

Now I’ve got to finish off my menu shopping list, check it twice and make sure I have everything I need!

I’ve also been dealing with Christmas. I have almost all my gifts done. I’m still finishing it off but I’m down to 3 people! Wahoo!!!

Well, guess I better take off for a while. See y’all again soon!


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