Veteran’s Day

Posted on November 11, 2011


Today is Veteran’s Day. A celebration of the service by the brave men and women who have sacrificed to defend this great nation.

A few years back my mother and I began this fabulous tradition of going to Branson for the weekend. Branson has their own way of celebrating. Veteran’s get special discount packages for lodgings, shows and other forms of entertainment. The shops, inlcuding the discount malls also had huge sales.

Every year mom and I would meet my grandmother, her friend Sharon, sometimes my aunts Susan and Robbie would join us with their daughter(and daughter in laws). We’d rent a condo for the weekend and spend all day shopping and all evening playing Pitch.

Then I guess it was three years ago, we could no longer go, due to financial strains, health issues and other family problems the annual trips stopped. This year the weekend has arrived and we’re not going. My husbands death, my new job as my grandmother’s primary care giver and money issues have conspired to prevent our trip yet again. But, mom and I have come up with an alternate plan. I’m off on Saturdays and Sundays so mom and I are going to try and head for a discount mall not too far from home. It won’t be the exact same, but it will still be time with my mother.

Of course I know that the origin of Veteran’s Day wasn’t for the shopping minded. It was set aside as a day of honor and appreciation. Today several places are using this day to accumulate portions of their proceeds for donations to various Veterns organizations. So, when I can get out I intend to do my share to help increase their donations even though I can’t afford a great deal.

THANK YOU to our many Veteran’s and their families for their time, dedication and selfless service.

This is also 11-11-11. For many it’s considered a lucky day. I don ‘t know about that, I guess we will just have to wait and see if this day turns into a luck one. I do know it would make a cool birthday or wedding date. My fingers are crossed that this is a lucky one for you, my readers and friends.


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