Fun with License Plates

Posted on September 25, 2011


While coming up with promo ideas for my new series I created some “license plates” that I have all sorts of plans for. Here are the images:

Cool, right? While I’m out driving I love to see vanity plates and try to interpret them. Sometimes they’re pretty self-explanatory, other times not so much. Here are a few examples of some recently seen plates:
FXURPT   Fix Your Pet
DBLLNG  I have NO idea!
EMT1   Emergency Medical Tech 1
FNRSQ  Fire and Rescue
MINIME  Mini Me–seen on a Mini Cooper

I’ve placed the interpretations for the ones I figured out next to them in white. in order to see them, you will have to highlight the “empty” spaces.

I’d LOVE to hear from you, what are some great, funny or interesting plates you’ve seen? Inquiring minds want to know so let me hear from you!

Huggles and have a GREAT rest of the weekend!