Long and sad weekend

Posted on September 12, 2011


Yesterday was ten years since the attacks by terrorists that shook this country to the core. I chose not to post, blog or even get on my computer at all this past weekend. It was a bad one for me because I was feeling very weak. I spent most of the weekend crying. My pain and loss over DH was so overwhelming I found myself unable to function.

It drives me crazy…I think I’m doing all right and then for some reason the pain rips into me again. I had a migraine due to the shifting weather patterns and then on top of it, all I could do was think of DH and how much I missed him. I went through the anger, the sadness, the pain and the utterly suffocating sense of fear over what the future holds.

I was to go over to the new place over the weekend and paint the new shed so I could start moving stuff this week. Yeah, didn’t happen. I spent most of the weekend in bed.

I still have the headache, still have a touch of sadness, but I am feeling better today. I might be able to get things started…I hope.

I’m looking forward to getting settled into the new place and getting back into the swing of writing. I have a couple of books that are nagging at me to get finished. Plus the last couple of nights I’ve had this nightmare that would make a VERY interesting novel. Zombies, mobile homes, murder and mayhem. The dreams have felt so real that I’ve sat up, bathed in sweat, heart pounding, threatening to break free from my chest. In my dream I remember this subconscious voice saying “it’s only a dream, wake up now…come on wake up…” and this helps me pull out of it but the details are so vivid, and it feels so real…I hope to be able to one day write this one and get it out into the world.

It’s Moanday…errr I mean Monday and I have this week to get things ready for the large furnishings to be moved from the house to our new place. Wish me luck in getting things done, please? Thanks so much!

I’m off–yeah, I know, I’ve always been a little off….Have a GREAT week y’all!