Sam’s Club Sweet Tea & Me

Posted on August 24, 2011


I recently joined Sam’s Club. I’d always had a membership with Costco and so I decided this time I’d try Sam’s Club–after all WalMart is my go to store.

Comparing Apples to Apples, I really prefer Costco. Sam’s Club is a nice place and it’s clean…etc. But like WalMart, they don’t seem to have enough people to operate the checkout lanes. They leave you standing–with management watching and chatting among themselves–for a long period of time. That annoys me.

But I digress…

While waiting in lane a woman standing a few paces behind me noticed I picked up the Sam’s Club sweet tea. She wondered how it tasted–to be honest I had no idea, I’ve not tried it before. So I told her I would post my review of the tea here. If she sees it, I hope she’ll let me know!

I came home that day hot, tired and ready to dive into my broasted chicken–which I had also purchased at Sam’s. I poured a LARGE glass of tea, took a hunk of the warm chicken and had a side of some corn.

The tea is FABULOUS! It is honestly the BEST store-in-a-jug sweet tea I’ve ever had! It’s got just the right level of sweet and while it isn’t quite as strong as I always make it, its got a pleasing taste. So ma’am, if you’re reading this (thank you for coming here!) and YES! It’s GRRRRRRRRRREAT tea. I will definitely be purchasing it again.

The chicken I got that day is very similar to what you buy from the WalMart deli hot counter. This chicken is always delicious, moist and juicy and buying it from Sam’s Club was no different. My ONLY critique–they were a little heavy on the seasonings. I’m not quite certain what all they use but it was strong enough that it irritated my throat a bit. That having been said, I LOVE this chicken. I especially enjoy it with some Amish Potato salad from Reisers. Add a couple of King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls and you’ve got an awesome dinner that beats most “fast food” places in not only cost but ease and definitely taste.

Yes, I know that most of my reader’s are not accustomed to seeing me write a food critique. I truly home you didn’t feel as if you were being forced to watch a commercial, that was not my goal, I simply wanted to answer the question I was asked and tore off on a tangent.

Back on track: I am hoping to be finding my way soon. Since my husband’s death life has kind of been Helter Skelter. I’m in the process of trying to find a new residence, trying to find a well paying job that will not only provide income but also allow my time to continue writing. I’ve been trying to finish the next book in the Four Horsemen series but concentration has been a bit difficult. The real world intrudes so heavily that I find myself doing something as meaningless as playing MahJong Dimensions just to allow my thoughts to run as rampant as they want and still be doing something with my hands.

On the bonus side, my most recent check up revealed i’ve lost 7 pounds! (I think that was due to the haircut myself…LOL)

Hope y’all have a GREAT rest of the week and thanks for popping by! make sure to leave me a little message and let me know you were here, if you’d like to!

Donica Covey

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