I wish for World Peace

Posted on July 13, 2011


Isn’t that something a Miss America or Miss Universe would say? Well this question was asked on Facebook and it made me think. Is world peace truly possible?

I have found myself allowing my mind to obsess over different things lately–anything to avoid reality I suppose? And one of the things I’ve mulled over is the world peace issue.

Actually the topic I mulled over was Socialism. I DESPISE Obama, I feel he is doing his level best to ruin this once great nation but I digress…The topic was socialism and at its VERY CORE it holds a SINGLE positive aspect. Everyone is EQUAL.

If everyone were truly equal then I believe world peace is possible. HOWEVER, it is against human nature to feel everyone is equal. There will ALWAYS be someone who thinks by virtue of looks, wealth or power that they are better than anyone else.

Muslims believe Allah is better than God and that all non believers must be destroyed. In early Christianity the view was much the same–you are not a Christian you must convert or be trampled.

The rich and famous feel that by their very bank account and celebrity they are better than “real” people.

If the slate were wiped clean and everyone was placed on a level playing field how long would it be before a handful thought by the fact they were wiser, stronger, they were better than anyone else?

Human nature drives the desire to have as much if not more than the person next door. Envy over someone’s material possessions, physical blessings, it makes bumps appear along the path.

Until human’s can remove envy, ego & pride from their genes I don’t think world peace is ever going to be possible. I could be wrong, I’d love to be wrong! I’d love to see a world where my grandchildren and their grandchildren didn’t have to worry about poverty, terrorists, murder, or wars threaten their existence.

What do YOU think? Can world peace ever be achieved?