When it rains it pours

Posted on July 12, 2011


So I took off for a week last week to head for Arkansas. We left Friday morning, July 1…

Thursday june 30 I was not in the mood to cook so I sent my daughter to grab us dinner…I get a phone call from a very histerical girl–she’d had an accident in my car.

Knowing my daughter I was certain it was just a slight fender bender. As upset as she was I drove to the location of the wreck. AS the ambulance swung passed me and headed for the scene I began to panic slightly.

The police and paramedics assured me no one was seriously injured. After that news sunk in, I surveyed the carnage.

This is what is left of the car I got brand new the same year my daughter joined our family:

I’m just grateful no one was injured. Of course the car is totaled but no one was hurt…Now had it been my truck that had been wrecked I might not be as calm as I am about it all…LOL

Well better get running, have lots to do before my limited time on the computer is up!

Huggles til next time!