Most awesome lead in to Dr Appointment EVER!!!

Posted on June 1, 2011


This morning I headed out for my appointment with the hand specialist–who just happens to be my orthopedic doctor from my previous injuries…

Anyway I’m taking 141 to 21 and I get off on 21 to see a Sherriff deputy standing on the side of the road holding the thing for the stop sticks. Interesting…muse I as I slow down and make eye contact. He motions me on so I continue my trip.

I’m stopped at a light when I look up in the rearview mirror and see a HUGE old station wagon barrelling RIGHT at me. My heart leaps into my throat as I realize HE ISNT GOING TO STOP!!!

Suddenly he swerves and it’s then I notice…all four tires are blown. Intersting…this is WHY the cop was standing beside the road with stop sticks.

Nothing more processes as A HERD of Jefferson County cops come flying by followed by a half herd of St. Louis County cops and bringing up the rear is a squadron of unmarked cars.

I’m flabbergasted and more than a little excited. IM IN A FREAKING POLICE CHASE!!!!!!! How COOOL is that!!!!!

The light turns green my fellow motorists and I begin to advance when 2 more unmarked cars fly up on us and swerve around.

I continue toward my destination when I see that the intersection I need to make my right. Luckily there is a side road that loops around and I was able to take that.

I am STILL buzzing with excitment because I was IN an actual police chase!!! Of course you realize this is going into one of my books, right? This chase ended peacefully—at least as far as I could tell no one was injured and the bad guy didnt hit anyone–of us anyway.

Accdording to local news the bad guy was being chased because he had said he was turning himself into police for outstanding warrants and instead he jumped into his car and ran over a deputy sheriff. I just wonder, if bad guy had hit a civilian would so many LEOs have shown up? I doubt it.

Of course once the excitement ebbed slightly i had time to think–CRAP he was head RIGHT into my back end! If he had hit me my insurance ates would’ve gone up–right? If a cop had hit, I’d be at fault EVEN if I wasn’t moving because the cop is NEVER at fault–right?

So I placed a quick call to my Insurance Rep (A.K.A my aunt) and asked her the legalities of the deal. Yes–Police in pursuit are NOT at fault in a collision of these circumstances. However I would NOT be at fault because I was not moving. So my insurance rates would NOT have gone up. If bad guy had hit me then his insurance would have been gone after but since most of the time criminals do NOT have insurance I’d have been screwed and not enjoyed it one bit…

Oh…and for those who are interested: My dr–who thinks I’m a bit of a nutcase LOL–did xrays and checked out my hand. I have the early EARLY stages of carpal tunnel and will continue my prednisone until it’s gone then move onto OTC Aleve 2 tablets 2x a day. I also must cut back my time on the computer–yeah, SOOO not happening…and desensitizing the affected fingers.

I said I needed to make sure my hand was in full function because I was gearing up for my week long ATV trip to which he glanced at me, my chart and says “Didnt i ust see you for an ATV accident that enarly killed you?”
“You’re going out again?”
I nodded and said “have gone every year since.”
He stared at me and I questioned his look. “Trying to decide if you’re just crazy or if you know how to have a good time…”
“Doc, no either/or. I AM crazy and I DO know how to have a good time.” HEHEHEEHEH

okay fingers are beginning to ache. Time to cut off the keyboard and work them out a little bit.