That’s entertainment?

Posted on May 31, 2011


So I’ve been watching all the commercials for the new movies and planning the ones I’d love to see. Then there are the ones that…well…SUCK! How in the WORLD did some movies not only have a success but they managed to come out with a sequel?

Here are a couple of movies that I go slack jawed about:
1) The Hangover (and it’s sequel) I find it VERY unfunny and actually SAD that people would invest money in seeing such ridiculous nonsense. It almost reminds me of the 1980s flick The Bachelor Party–also a waste of hard earned cash…
2) The Scary Movie library–the first one was amusing. I was willing to sit through it ONCE. But it just drags on and on.
3) SAW movies. I love a good slasher flick and a twisted serial killer is a sure fire line straight to my heart but enough’s enough!

There are some movies I actually look forward to seeing: The Green Lantern, XMen First Class, The Pirates of the Caribean: (Whatever the new one is called), There’s a new Stephen Speilberg flick slated to come out later in the year that looks interesting as well.

But you know what I miss? The GOLDEN days of Hollywood movies. The movies that let you KNOW where they were going wihtout being low brow, classless, crude and tasteless. You didnt see half naked people tossing themselves over one another while panting and rutting like animals.

I’m a member of the Turner Classic Movies fanclub. Why? Because I want REAL entertainment. I want good CLEAN fun. Movies that are silly like the Abbott and Costello clutch of films. Anything with Katherine Hepbnurn and Cary Grant works wonders. Action and adventure? A John Wayne film is filled with both. Want a little fantasy? Why not check out Robin Hood starring the dashing Erroll Flynn and Olivia de Havalin?

Movies don’t HAVE to be tasteless and tacky. They don’t HAVE to have sex and stupidity. So why do we allow Hollywood to tell us the only way something is funny is if people are naked and stoned or drunk? And what does it say about us that we PAY to see such garbage?

Okay that rant is over. Sorry, I just had to get that out. It was annoying the CRAP out of me…LOL

Well I get to make an appointment with a hand specialist. Why? I’m not certain. I’ve been having problems with my left had for a while. At first it was just the…salutation finger but by FRiday it was also the ring and pinky fingers. I couldn’t move them without extreme pain and couldnt close them at all.

I headed for urgent care to have myself checked out and they said that I had a compression (NOT CRUSHING as I accidentally told my best friend) injury. This brought up the whole, How in the world did I do THAT question. Seriously, I have no idea how I would’ve managed to injure my hand.

Right hand? Sure, that would be easy. I’m as graceless as a hippo on ice skates and fall most every day. I have broken the right hand on a couple of occasions so that would be an easy guess. It’s the LEFT hand that is injured though. I’m not sure what was done or how but I do know it’s a REAL painful injury.

My old ortho office has a hand specialist there and I’d love to go back but am waiting on the call from the insurance to discover if they are still covered since I’ve got a new plan. Keeping my good fingers crossed.

I’m also in countdown mode for my girls week vacation. In 31 days we will be loaded up and heading out! WOOHOO!!! I can’t WAIT! I hope to relax and recharge so that I can come back with enough energy to finish the projects that are bubbling at the surface but just out of my maniacal controlling reach.

OOOOHHH! Gotta run–Getting ready to watch the latest Harry Potter movie–I know, I know it’s another one of those WTH were they thinking?!?! things but…what can I say–we all have our own weakness…

Donica Covey