It’s beginning to look alot like summer

Posted on May 24, 2011


Can you beleive how insane the world seems today? Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods…it is unreal how wild Mom Nature has gotten. Maybe it’s the Big Man Upstairs saying “I’ve had enough with your nonsense! I do exist and you should be better beings than you currently are. I’m on my way and you better shape up or miss out!”

Maybe it’s just that time…I can’t say for certain, wouldn’t dare hazard a guess. But I digress. It is beginning to look alot like summer here. Temps in the high 80s. Sunshine–when it can break through the dark storm clouds–and hot heavy winds. I love summer–not the heat and humidity that comes along with the season but the activities that fill my summers.

Every year my best girl friends and I head for the Ozarks to spend a week camping out in an 1970’s era mobile home (which I jokingly refer to as my summer home). Where we will spend hte week ATVing, hiking, swimming, fishing, shooting, and relaxing without any stresses of the real world.

Every year I plan a theme and make us hats to wear for the whole week. No matter what the activity we wear our hats–they really do make those long trail rides more comfortable. I haven’t had a sunburned nose in a few years.

Last night I spent the entire evening getting the hats ready. While they didnt turn out as fabu as my other ones have, they still look pretty awesome. No excuses for the lack of perfection (of course I did have a monster head ache and was feeling overly tired as well as slightly under the weather) but I’m far from perfect so why should the hats be any different? Maybe if I dont point out the imperfections they can be overlooked. Obsessive? Me? Not me!

I finished the itenarary, the menus, the shopping list and the packing list. Now I just have to wait for the 5 weeks to pass. 5 weeks?!?!? It seems like just yesterday it was MONTHS away!

I’ve been so excited getting things ready for the trip I havent devoted much time to my writing. This is a HUGE no-no for me. I need to be writing but everytime I open the file lately all I can do is see things the hundreds of other things I need to be doing.

I need to get a base tan going so I dont fry from all those hours I’ll be spending in the broiling sun. I need to get the house cleaned up so it’s ready for invasion by friends. I need…you know, all those things that a person must think about before they can leave town with a clear conscience.

This summer my calendar is fairly full anyway. My mother is having surgery in June…Girls week in July…Covey family reunion in August…Mom’s bday in August…It feels as if everytime I turn around there is something new to be added to my list.

What’s on your agenda for this summer season? Inquiring (read Nosy Nelly) minds want to know!