Awards Dinner

Posted on April 19, 2011


The annual Champagne Books awards celebration is tonight and I’m getting ready to dress to the nines and head out for a night of fun and festivities. We’d LOVE for all of you to join us. There’s door prizes in addition to the gala event.

Right now I’m just getting out of the dressing room and…MAN! Check me out! Did my stylist do an awesome job or what?!?!?!? I can definitely see the resemblence between myself the beautiful Ms Hepburn.

The gown is accessorized by a diamond necklace and earrings:

These shoes:

And this bag:

OHH! The limo’s here. We’re headed to Waiki for dinner and to pick up one of my escorts for the evening.
Doesn’t this place look divine?

Here’s the car:

Here are three of my escorts:

We’re meeting my fourth at Dinner. He’s busy on location so we thought it only fair to swing by and pick him up…

We’ll see y’all in a few hours at the Coffetime Romance Chatroom!