Weird Wednesday Wonderings

Posted on April 6, 2011


Over the weekend I watched the original Frankenstein—I’ve never actually read the book. (Yes, I heard the gasps of shock and horror…:P Anyway,) I was watching poor Boris Karloff woodenly move through the scenes and for the first time watching it I had sort of a HUH?!? moment.

When you watch the movie, you see that the Doc brings his creature to life and we’re all AMAZED (and a little shocked at the audacity of a man to play God) but then we see HOW he treats his creation.

The creature is locked in darkness, he’s moved about with whips cracking about him, he’s tormented by a little sadist with a torch. He’s scorned and feared by the very person that brought him to life. There is a scene where the creature is exposed to sunlight and he basks in the warmth—but in moments its stripped away from him!

After being tormented and scorned the creature revolts and escapes.

Now maybe I’m just a freak…but it made me think…!

What if the creature had been treated with KINDNESS, with GENTLENESS, with TENDERNESS???

The brain was the brain of a criminal—so we’re told… What kind of criminal? Was he simply a thief? Was it the brain of murderer? Was it the brain of a cannibalistic sadist?

And who was the TRUE monster? The man who assembled the cemetery spare parts creation or the creature that didn’t ask for life to begin with?

What if the Doc had shown the creation gentle guiding hands, teaching him from his “infancy” of life—would the creature have drowned an innocent child—which was ACCIDENTAL to begin with!—would he have terrorized the countryside? Would he have threatened the Doc’s fiancée?

I personally don’t believe he would have. Sympathy for a monster? You Bet! The creature had potential for something more than he was dealt.

Do YOU think it would have made a difference for the creation? The TRUE villain, the TRUE MONSTER is Dr. Frankenstein NOT the creature the Doc assembled.

What do you think?

It also made something else churn for me. My writers imagination CHARGED with ideas on how to change this story, what is missing, what would make it better, what would make it REALLY resonate…Then I thought exactly HOW arrogant am I? Who in the WORLD would have the audacity to REWRITE such a classic?

Man, if curiosity killed the cat I’m in DEEP trouble!