Newsletter release day!

Posted on March 1, 2011


The March edition of the Mavens newsletter is out now. I’m very happy with the decision to give up my personal newsletter in addition to the MoR news. It’s so much easier to just have one newsletter to deal with each month.

How do YOU feel about it? Would you prefer it go back to the old way of doing it? Do you enjoy getting my news as well as that of Ciara and Becka? Do you not care one way or the other? (LOL That reads harsh but it was NOT meant that way. It was just a question…LOL)

I’m currently dealing with my annual misery–a winter cold–and I feel ready to just curl up and die. I think I’m going to head off. Hope you enjoy the March edition of the news and I’ll see y’all in April with more news, but I’m sure we’ll see each other befoore then for a chat now and again!