To Sequel Or Not To Sequel…

Posted on February 28, 2011


that is the question. Whether tis nobler to let characters remain as they are originally formed or to expand them, take a risk that you might weaken the integrity of the original form and features of the “children” you brought into this world with almost as much pain and effort as you brought your “real” children to life with.

I know many authors are asked for sequels. That’s ALWAYS a good sign! Truly! Because if a reader asks for a sequel you’ve done you job as an author. You’ve given them characters they feel attached to.

It can also be bad. How many of us have read sequels that made you long to hurl the book into the garbage because the author let you down?

So why am I blogging about this? Because I recently wrote a book that readers are begging for a sequel to. It touched me very deeply to know that Matt and Jez were characters that readers connected with and wanted to hear more about.

I always try to live by the Never say Never rule of thought (because if you say I’ll NEVER do__fill in the blank_ you end up doing it and making yourself out to be a fool). So I will NOT say I’ll NEVER write a sequel to The Good, The Bad & The Undead, I merely say, not right now. The reason?

Maybe I’m afraid I’ll fall into the “this sequel SUCKS boulder and blows stones” catagory. Maybe I’m afraid that Matt or Jez will end up transmuting into something different. But mostly because I have to FEEL a story to write it. The characters have to speak to me, whisper in my ear, play their lives in movie format across my brain, in order for me to write their story.

Right now, I’ve heard a small voice, seen a tiny piece of the action that could eventually become an opening scene for the sequel, but at this point in time it’s not developed enough that I could be happy writing it, presenting it or sharing it.

So as of right now I’ll say that I have an idea simmering on the back burner, I do have a file of ideas for a sequel sitting there, just waiting for the moment I open it up and go WOOHOO! Look out world here it comes!

Right now I’m in the world of fae, elves, goblins and humans. Where magic abounds and a fairy prince is in love with a human girl.

Have a fabu week!