Duck Tape, Vet Wrap and Vienna Sausages

Posted on February 23, 2011


What do they have in common? They’re all inventions I NEVER thought I’d be able to live without…

I live on my computer, when I’m not working, I’m in front of my Tele watching Satellite–no cable, TYVM–I prefer my Dish to whatever else is out there.

When my kids were growing up they were constantly asking for Gameboys and Nintendoes…video players, CD players, DVD players. Usually we tried to give the kids what they asked for at special occasions–birthdays and Christmas, good report cards, etc. But I was VERY anti Game Boy and Nintendo. Why? Because you shelled out a couple hundred bucks and within a year there was something bigger and better. It really cheesed me off.

Now we have a Wii, a satallite dish, a DVD recorder/player, and of course our computers. (I REFUSE to buy BluRay. Why? There’s going to be something better coming later, right?) I can watch my DVDs on my TV (no HiDef come on allowed here) or on my computer, my travel DVD player and my netbook…

But I did sit down and think about the things I own that I could NOT live without.

1. My Cellphone

I NEVER thought I’d be one of “those” people. Yet here I am, lost without my cell phone. But I was only interested in BASIC cell phones. Who needed texting? Who needed camera phones? Who needed music players? My current phone plays not only my mp3 library, but it also does videos, takes pictures of my babies, takes video of my kids, and comes in handy when I need an instant pic.

2. mp3 player

Personally I do not own a dedicated mp3 player. I owned a Palm Zire many moons ago. This thing was my eBook reader, mp3 player, roladex, calendar, etc. Once again my handy dandy cell phone took the place of this…so I resist the temptation to invest in a dedicated mp3 player–however I never saw myself as “needing” an mp3 player…never say never!

3. Netbook

I had asked my DH for a laptop computer for YEARS. For Christmas he brought this little baby home for me. At first I wasn’t happy with it. But then I discoverd how handy, portable and PERFEFCT this little machine is! Now I can’t EVER see trading it in for a larger laptop.

4. Digital Camera

I LOVE taking pictures–and BOY do I WISH my camera was as fancy as the one above. Back when digital cameras were first coming around I HATED the idea. I loved our elaborate 35 mm camera. Sure it was heavy, and it took forever to get the pictures developed. Then came the times that I screwed up and LOST film because I didnt wind properly and busted the film…the times I accidentally exposed the film to light because I opened the back too soon.

But I hated the thought of using a digital…Then my DH got me a faily nice all in one digital camera. It was light, took more pictures and best of all I could delete the bad ones immediately AND I could print them at home! Now I can’t see going back to film.

Up to now I’ve focused on technology but there are a few everyday items that I think are the BEST inventions EVER! I use one or all of them on a daily basis.

5. Duck Tape

In my opinion Duck Tape is THE BEST INVENTION EVER! I use this stuff for EVERYTHING. My dad jokingly calls me the Ducktape queen. he has quoted me as saying Duck Tape fixes everything. This is not just something I say–it’s something I follow. Yes, I know I cant use duck tape on electrical items but for everything else it ROCKS MY WORLD!

6. Vet Wrap

This is not just for medical emergencies–although this stuff comes in handy for quick bandaging. I love that it not only works as bandaging, but it also offers a bit of stabilization–not that i’ve used it on sprained ankles, but on broken fingers, to hold bandaging on bleeding injuries, it’s wonderful!

7. Super Glue

Let’s say you’re out ATVing in the middle of nowhere, you get a nasty cut and your oh…5 hours from civilization (7 hours from medical center), you have a nasty cut that is gushing blood, what do you do? Some people choose to wash it out with water, apply pressure (here’s where the vet wrap comes in handy…) also close the edges of skin together and apply a fine drizzle of super glue. (No I’m not a medical professional! Do NOT attempt to follow this then turn around and SUE ME!!!!)

8. Post It Notes.

I LOVE Post-It notes! These are AWESOME! I have them in all different colors, shapes and sizes. I keep them on my desk, in my supply drawer, in my purse, in my truck, in my ATV rack. EVERYWHERE. You never know when you need to jot a note, a description, a story idea…whatever.

9. Bottle Tops

When I first saw these things advertised I thought they were ridiculous. I was in a little shop and they had a package of these clearance priced so I thought what the heck. I grabbed them on a whim.

Let me tell you–I LOVE THEM. The ad says they hold in the fiz of your soda. ITS TRUE! I put a soda can in the fridge over night. The next day it was still fresh! When we go ATVing we usually use bottles of soda but we all know that plastic bottles cost more than cans. And who wants to worry about dust/debris/bugs getting into their can? Who wants the soda to spill down the side of your ATV or splatter all over you. With these little babies you have NO MESS! The fact they come in multi colors is another benefit. No more “Hey? Is this mine or yours?” We each pick a color and we use that color for the entire vacation.

I brought a couple home to use here and left the rest out in my ATV supplies. I love that I can have my soda on my desk and not worry about spillage on my keyboard, printer, files or what have you.

10. ATVs

I grew up riding horses, dirtbikes and motorcycles. My Hubby had a three wheeler when we met. I wasn’t certain how I felt about ATVs. Then my dad got one of the first ones made. It was nice–but I hated the whole clutch/shift deal. (My motorcycle was automatic, my clutch bike I wrecked more often than rode.)

My DH brought home our first ATV. It was PERFECT. Automatic, 4×4, I loved it completely. The second one I’m not as in love with because it was a toe shift. Automatic but having to shift with your toe got a little annoying. My most recent one is FABU. The gear shift is a set of buttons. The only thing to do with the foot is the brake. Ouit of the three we currently own I’m loving 2 of them. (The third being the toe shift thing.)

And finally this item has NOT been invented yet but it would be KEWL to own

11. Cell Gun

“9-1-1 what is your emergency?”
“I shot a creep trying to (insert steal my cell phone, gun, truck, purse, packages…break into my house…hijack my truck…take my kid…)
“What weapon did you use?”
“My cell phone…”

Yeah this is one invention I’d be interested in. It would have the perfect nesting spot in my emergency kit between the duct tap, vet wrap, super glue and canned vienna sausages–which were another awesome invention!

Gotta run. Have a ton of work to do. See y’all soon!