Another year older…

Posted on February 21, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday…okay it was mine and DH’s birthdays. Yes we have the same bday. How’d that happen? Well when two people love each other very much they…oh, you KNEW that much huh?

Well, DH and I were on our first date–watching planes take off and land at the airport–you know back when we could still do that before those damn terrorists…sorry, almost went off on a tangent. Anyway, it was New Years Eve and we were having a small celebration of our very own. He asked when my bday was I told him, he laughed…I asked what was funny…he told me when his bday was. Our second date we went out to a steak place for our birthday. By October of that year we were married.

But back to my original thoughts. So this past weekend was my birthday weekend. Now I’ve never had a REAL party–you know all the friends gather at one place for cake, karioke, dancing and general hub-bubery. But this weekend I had a family party. It was AWESOME.

Friday night Dh came home for the birthday weekend. We all went to bed fairly early.

SAturday afternoon I could barely force myself to move, I was deeply tired. But we decided to go out for dinner. We ran into one of my mother’s best friends–growing up I referred to her as Aunt Patsy–she and her daughters were in town–I wish mom could’ve been there so she and Patsy could have had a nice visit.

After dinner we came home I chose to vegetate on the sofa. Got a phone call informing me my sister in law was bringing my nephews here for the holiday weekend–ROCK ON!

Sunday morning we got up, went to church, Two of my aunts were there–both with their grandchildren in tow. My son brought his wife and their two children to chuch–YAY! Afterwards we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch then on to my mothers for the party.

Did I rake in the bling or what?!?!?! DH gave me a bag with cow corn cob holders, cow salt shakers, handpainted egg cups and a metal sign that reads “horse people are Stable people”…HEHEHE trust me, it fits my living room decor which is western–cowboys, indians, rusted metal horseshoes, metal PBR signs, etc. My mother gave me a Twistie, a bag full of empty prescription bottles, a bag filled with Diet coke tabs (craft projects and I collect my coke rewards points…LOL)

Then came the gift from my daughter. The little rat SPOILED me TERRIBLE! I received the first season of The Big Bang Theory on DVD…but that’s not all….the original Alice in WOnderland (Disney animated movie) on DVD…but wait, there’s more…an addition to my M&Ms dispenser collection! WOOHOO! It looks like a gumball machine and it’s green with Green M&M dressed as…PRINCESS LEIA!!!!!
I’m totally JAZZED!

After mom’s house for the party it was grocery shopping then home where DD and I watched Twilight Eclipse! YEEHAW!

I’m content for another year…now if I’d only become wiser in that time…LOL

Well time to say goodbye to the fun me and hello to work me.

See y’all soon and please have a GREAT WEEK!