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Posted on February 12, 2011


Yesterday I learned that my book The Good, The Bad & The Undead had received a 4.5 rating at Long and Short Romance (LASR) and each week LASR compiles the best reviews and puts them up for a Book of The Week contest.

If y’all wouldnt mind taking a couple of minutes from your lives to hop over to LASR and vote for The Good, The Bad & The Undead by Donica Covey for book of the week, I’d be VERY grateful! It would TOTALLY rock Valentine’s week if I started it off with a win!

Valentine’s Week…Can you beleive it’s here already? All right, I would like an honest answer–how many of you ACTUALLY give/receive Valentine’s Gifts?

After we were married my husband (DH) rarely came through with Valentine’s things. In his defense my birthday is the 20th so he HAS given me a few combo gifts over the years…one year I got a new Steam Cleaner for the carpets–surprisingly it was the same year he got himself a new truck…Then came the year with the dishwasher…that’s the same year he got himself his ATV….Funny, I used the ATV more than he did and he ended up using the dishwasher more often than I did…LOL

All kidding aside he really isnt a bad guy. When we lived in Wisconsin I never got anything for Valentine’s day but my DH would buy me a rose bush at the beginning of planting season for my rose garden. One of the nurseries I frequented was a Jackson and Perkins test nursery and I always got the test roses. I had such BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE flowers! I loved the fact that while he never bought me a single rose, I had the most fabulous rose garden EVER!

Sorry, I’m circling my thought. Last night DH and my dad were talking while we were all out to dinner and one of them (can’t remember if it was dad or DH) said that there was a poll run by a television station asking how many men actually did anything for their spouses for Valentine’s Day. 48% said they do NOTHING.

Do you think that is an accurate account? How many of you will celebrate Valentine’s Day in ANY way. Could be as simple as a card, a romantic dinner, or just a peck on the check and a candy bar. Do you think that once a couple is married the man “forgets” Valentine’s Day?

Curious minds and all that wonder.

Oh and THANKS for stopping by, reading and voting!