It’s one of those days

Posted on February 8, 2011


I fnished the second round edits on Death Rides a Pale Harley–yes I’m SOOO very excited! I can’t WAIT for this book to release. I had planned to write either the next book in the series or the third book in the Elemental Desires series, but I got distracted by some interesting music, then I went off on a tangent reading up on the Molly Maguires (sorry if it’s misspelled) and lost my focus for writing.

Then a song came on that made a story line pop into my head and I had to make notes on it–a horror that is VERY dark and disturbing. I jotted the notes, put the line that inspired the idea into the notes and returned to my work-in-progress file.

Then I’ll be hanged if I didnt start having eye issues again…this royally SUCKS! My vision is like trying to look through a heavy sheet of filmy plastic. I thought MAYBE it was that my lenses were dirty, so I cleaned them. It didn’t help. I tried wiping the eyes with a warm cloth–that didnt work either. Anyone have any ideas on what might work? It’s driving me NUTS! I have so much work to get done but if I can’t see, I can’t work!

ARGH! Why is it that the day I finally feel like writing I can’t get everything to cooperate? Here’s hoping that after I take a short break it comes back for me!

Huggles and hope y’all have a FABU week!