Posted on January 26, 2011


Okay, for those folks who have been waiting so patiently for a PRINT edition of Hunting Mickey the time is NOW! I just received word that Hunting Mickey is NOW IN PRINT! So if you are waiting to add this title to your library, your wait is OVER! Here is the link for the PRINT edition.

Today would be an AWESOME day if this headache would FINALLY release me. It makes sitting at the computer such a hassle. The lights are killing me and of course I can’t write without music but music makes my head throb in time with the drums…

Guess it’s time to remove myself to bed for a short nap in hopes the migrain will ease off. Wish I had some good drugs left…Imitrex no longer helps…I’m out of oxy codein, out of Vicodein, all that’s left is Toradol–which hasn’t helped yet–and Naproxin Sodium…

I hope this passes soon as I have some things to get done ASAP!