You Outta Be on TV!

Posted on January 24, 2011


My mom and I have long used Friday as our grocery shopping/errand running/girl’s day. Over the last few months we’ve had to give this up due to her surgery. Mom had a total knee replacement operation, and she is healing very nicely but I will be glad when her pain is completely gone.

This past weekend the weather doomsayers were declaring that Sunday would find us buried beneath drifts of snow so if anyone had outings they wanted to do, Saturday was the day to do it. Mom and I heeded the warnings and we hit the stores. (Man what a mistake ALL those CRAZY PEOPLE!!!!) Anyway, while we were out we decided to hit Big Lots.

Big Lots is one of those stores that you just HAVE to stop in. GREAT bargains on selected merchandise. It is one of my favorites to spend money in. HOWEVER: If you see something you like BUY IT THAT MOMENT because once it’s gone, it’s GONE. Kind of like an over stock discount shop. I had a cart filled with Christmas clearance stuff—FILLED–and I walked out with BAGS and only spent a little over $5!

But anyway, while I’m shopping I end up singing along with the music that is piped in–not that Muzak instrumental stuff, but you know how some stores use current hits or even 80’s hits? Well it’s not something I do consciously, but i am aware that I do it on occasion.

Big Lots had an electronic case with eBook readers, MP3 players and other digital devices. I made a comment on while the price of the eBook reader was a STEAL (89.00!) I had never heard of the brand name so I wouldn’t recommend mom buying it–not until we did some investigating into the device itself.

So we walk away and a minute later this older woman comes up to me and says “Can you come help us?” She’s short so I am assuming she needs help getting something off an upper shelf–while I’m not tall by any means (5’3″) I have a good reach and I also am creative…so i walk off with the woman to see how I can aid her.

She and her husband are looking at MP3 Players (only $25!) They’re like “We’re technically challenged. Can you tell us anything about these devices?” So I go into a speel about how the MP3 player is an excellent investment, while the name brand isn’t all that familiar for the money they’re spending it would make a good choice. I then have to explain how the music and video gets onto the device and answer questions. They thank me for my time and the man says…”By the way, have you ever thought of going out for one of those shows?”

I draw a blank. “What shows?”
“You know, those shows we watch at night…”
*thining to myself I dont know you so how do I know what you’re talking about!* “What shows?” I ask again.
“The one with JLo as a judge.”
STILL have no clue, I didnt know JLo WAS a judge on a show. So I’m batting balls, “You mean like America’s Got Talent, or American Idol or something?”
“YES!” he shouts enthusiastically.
“For…” *WTH is this man talking about? All I did was help them with some questions!*
“I heard you singing and you have the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard! You could WIN on those shows!”
My face begins to burn and I can’t look at him. “Thank you,” I finally manage to mumble. “Have a great day!” I toss as I walk away.

I thought the man was very kind.

However! I cannot see myself EVER attempting any of those because a) I am NOT a young, skinny mini (and it seems as if that’s all they want) and b) I would get arrested because I could easily see myself decking ARROGANT Simon. I never have watched any of the shows because I HATE reality shows–Survivor, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, America’s Funniest Home Videos, Great Race,…to me they ALL suck! But it was sweet to have a stranger say that he thought I sang well enough to win one of the competitions.

As to the snow…it NEVER happened. It hit north of here, east of here, west of here and south of here but my area was like a HUGE circle that got a TINY bit of dusting and freezing temps. Somedays I miss Wisconsin winters. When they said snow you could BANK on it!

Ah well, guess it’s a good thing we didnt get that much snow here. People around here dont have any clue how to drive in snow/rain/ice conditions…

Well, I’m off to take care of some daily business. See y’all again soon!