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Posted on January 18, 2011


I feel in the mood to ramble. About everything and nothing at all. This is due to lack of sleep. Our little Alyx stayed the night with us last night. Alyx just turned three and she hasn’t stayed the night with her Elisi and Poppa in a while. So we thought eh! Why not…

I suffer insomnia, my son suffers with insomnia…and I have a gut feeling Alyx and Sterling also suffered the malady. Alyx was afraid to sleep. The room was too dark, and she kept reachign out to touch her Aunt Courtney to make sure she wasn’t alone. It was well after 1 am when I gave up and crawled into bed. When my HD got up at 8 Alyx was sitting up in bed smiling and calling for Papa to come get her to watch cartoons and eat “ceral with milk”.

We let her watch television, she helped me work on some craft projects and she even helped me empty out the cookie jar. When it was time for her mommy to come get her she grabebd hold of me and cried “No! Not Mommy! I wanna live with you Elisi!” I know she will not always feel that way but it was sweet to hear it for now!

I ALMOST gave in to the tears and said oh…okay one more night, but I’m just worn to a frazzle. After a sleepless night, a full action day then going grocery shopping all I want to do is veg out. One good thing, I dont think I’ll have to worry about NOT falling asleep tonight!
should be home by now

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