Is it society? Is it gender bias?

Posted on January 4, 2011


I have a couple of songs I really enjoy listening to. The music, the beat, all combine to make them songs I truly enjoy. But for some reason for the first time I listened to the words and it made a light go off in my brain.

The song I refer to right now is called Stacie’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne. The tune is catchy, and I enjoy listening to it as I work. But this morning I really listened to the words and it made go huh…

For those unfamiliar with the song

(BTW after seeing the video I have to admit I’m not as crazy about the song…)

This made all kinds of scenarios whirl in my mind and made me come to some questions that I am VERY interested in the answer. I’d LOVE to hear what YOU have to say about this:

Here is the scenerio. A 16-year-old guy and a 36-year-old woman. She takes him to ball games, hockey matches, buys him books, takes him to movies. He “loves” her she “loves” him. Things progress and as hormones get stirred up, the relationship turns physical. He WILLINGLY has sex with the woman he “loves” then brags about his first (or fifth or tenth) time. There are sly chuckles, and the occasional way to go champ kind of mentality. The lucky boy gets to have his fill of heart pounding love.

Now…a 16-year-old girl and a 35-year-old guy. The girl is “in love” with him. He is “in love” with her. He brings her flowers, he courts her. They eventually become physical and she WILLINGLY gives herself to him. She is walking on the clouds and brags to her best friends how much she loves him and how wonderful her first (or third or tenth) time was.

The guy is a sleaze ball and a pervert. A scumbag to the Nth because he’s an obvious pedophile. We all scream and rail, demanding a pound of flesh and his blood. Poor girl–she is a victim.

So why is it that the boy gets high fives for bagging an older babe, and while it’s still wrong, it’s not AS WRONG as when the same scenerio is played out in the opposite manner?

How many of you are not as violently opposed to the younger guy/older woman as you are to the younger girl/older guy scenerio?

Both scenerios are WRONG. ILLEGAL. Both cases the adult IS a pedophile–but for some reason it isn’t equally abhorrent to society. Why?

Is it because in the case of the older man/younger girl, the man is stronger, therefor he is worse? Is it because the boy/woman the boy is getting to experiment? I don’t get it…I can’t wrap my head around why for many people it is NOT the same crime.

And please, before you start slamming me with hate mail, I purposefully made the ages of both boy and girl 16. Personally I dont think anyone younger than 18 should be having sex–especially if they’re not married. I also Attempted to make it VERY CLEAR I was NOT including cases where there is a heinous rape crime involved. The scenerio I am describing is one where ALL parties are CONSENTING to the action.

So now, sound off. Tell me how YOU feel? Is it equal? Is it unequal? Okay for the younger guy/older woman but wrong for the older guy/younger girl?

Inquiring minds want to know!