NaNo and Me

Posted on November 16, 2010


I was so extremely excited that NaNo was on the way and I had geared myself up to participate. Here we are on day 16 and I’;m ready to chuck it all. I mean WTH? I give up! My muse has abandoned me like a rat bailing a sinking ship.

I can’t connect with the characters. I had been able to see through the eyes of my killer and stalk the city streets. Then I had to take off a few days to Arkansas. No one can be gloom or in the mood to commit murder in the beautiful Ozarks (unless it’s hunting season–which it was…but I digress) so I channelled the hero and learned he has been involved in a relationship with one of the other characters but due his extreme allergy to serious commitment they broke up.

But I wasn’t able to fully focus because while the men went deer hunting, mom, my aunt, granny and I played Pitch all day long. Then we stuffed ourselves with Granny’s good cooking in the evenings, headed back to my dad’s place and watched movies until we fell asleep. Then we had issues pop up that were distracting. On the way home we discussed my mother’s up coming operation and the fact she’s so freaked out weighs on me. Plus Thanksgiving menu, recipes, plans and etc have me so frazzled I just can’t find the ability to write.

I’d love to see my Muse come rushing back, take control and have me end the month with a writing frenzy unlike anything anyone’s ever seen.

With that in mind I open my file and end up staring at the screen with the voices drowning me in silence.

Basically all this is my way of saying HELP!!! SEND MY MUSE BACK HOME!!!!!

Okay enough crabbing, better get to hunting that damn Muse and dragging her back by the hair on her head.

Donica (drooping and dragging)