Pirates get paybacks!

Posted on November 3, 2010


I’m supposed to be working on my NaNo project but this blog was just sent to me. I want to applaud the blogger, I want to stand up and cheer, I only hope that it does the job.


Unfortunately I fear that it will do no real good. People these days are selfish asshats who don’t give a flying fart in space who they steal from. They’d get pissed if you walked into their homes and stole something they cherished but they don’t see pirating as stealing. If they do, they just dont care.

Do I sound bitter? I guess I do. I’m just sick of being one of those people who work my fingers to the bone to bring y’all stories you can enjoy (I hope!) and not having anything to show for it because some jerkwad decided it was okay to pirate my work.

I’m sick of working and having nothing to show for it. I wish to Heaven that these asshat pirates would have to know how it feels. Let them work for two months without a paycheck and see how wonderful it is.

Damn pirates.

All right I’m through ranting for now–I’m going to get back to work. Killing people in my latest manuscript might make me feel better…I hope!