16 Days of Halloween Slasher films (part 2)

Posted on October 27, 2010


Wow, talk about a roller coaster ride. But hey, you made it through day one—will you survive day 2?

High school was a torment but you pulled through until summer. Whats that? Carnival season? It is! Carnival season is HERE! Let’s hit The Fun House!

You manage to survive high school and those awkward teen years then you move on to college where your dying to pledge…so they put you through Hell Night:

After high school and college you just put the past to rest when you get an invitation to your high school reunion…But do you REALLY want to go back to Slaughter High?

Once you find something that works, you stick by it, right? That was the philosophy behind the Friday the 13th Franchise. Funny enough I remember going to see Friday the 13th part…I don’t know—78 or something at the Drive In (I think it was part 3) and I said to my friends you just wait, they’re going to come up with a Friday the 13th part 100 Jason in Space. Imagine my shock fast forwarded into the fute when they did Jason X…Jason was indeed IN SPACE! BWAHAHAHA But the best is always the first one!

Then of course are the slasher films based on REAL events…the ones that you just WISH Hollywood was twisted enough to come up with because there is no way a human mind could be so twisted…right? WRONG! (After all Hitler was made up in Hollywood…) Psycho was l based on real life Ed Gein. A sicko who enjoyed murder and wearing other people’s skin—guess he wasn’t comfortable in his own, huh?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was also loosely based on this serial killer.

Supposedly The Hills Have Eyes was based on a real story: The legend of Alexander “Sawney” Bean, a Scottsman of the 15th or 16th century who reportedly headed a 40-person clan that killed and ate over 1,000 people, living in caves for 25 years before being caught and put to death. His life has inspired numerous stories and films worldwide, including The Hills Have Eyes and the British film Raw Meat, but most serious historians today don’t believe that Bean ever existed.

Henry, portrait of a Serial Killer was based on Henry Lee Lucas:

America isn’t the only place with twisted serial killers that had their lives turned into movies. In 2005 the movie Wolf Creek came out and it was based on two real-life Australian killers who attacked travellers–- namely, Bradley John Murdoch, who killed a British tourist and tried to abduct another in July 2001, and Ivan Milat, who picked up hitchhikers and took them into the woods to torture and kill them during the ’90s. Both Murdoch and Milat were captured and sentenced to life in prison.

Dead Ringers was supposedly inspired by On July 19, 1975, the decomposing, emaciated bodies of 45-year-old twin gynecologists Stewart and Cyril Marcus were discovered in their apartment. The cause of death was extreme withdrawal due to an addiction to barbiturates. It’s unclear what led to their shocking states. However nothing indicates they were the killers portrayed in the 1988 movie:

While I love a good scare, I’ll stick to my all time favorite movies, those that don’t glorify the gore in the splatterfest of insanity. No thanks I think I’ll stick with…well look there! It’s just about to begin! See y’all later, I’m going to be busy watching a night of creeps and spooks…
Ghost Breakers (1940)

Tune in tomorrow when I surprise us all with a new list…and I will be surprised because I have no idea what I’ll be blogging about for the rest of the days leading to Halloween! LOL