16 Days of Halloween: Slasher Films (part 1)

Posted on October 26, 2010


As a Child of the 80s it’s a misguided thought that our generation was the first to experience the horror known as the slasher film. WE merely perfected it! I mean Jason…Freddy….but if you want to get down to the nitty gritty, the “first” slasher film was made in 1932 and it was called 13 Women.

But the first film that is considered THE original Slasher film came out in 1960. This movie was extremely controversial. Because of the subject matter it was refused in many theaters. This film debuted 6 months before Alfred Hitchcock’s slasher Psycho. The movie, PEEPING TOM:

Next up—no list of slasher films is complete without PSYCHO. Let’s take alook at Norman now:

But the first film to introduce the concept of what came to be the standard of the psycho stalks teenagers is a film from 1974 called Black Christmas:

And of course the classic Halloween staple, HALLOWEEN (1978)I’ve seen them all but the first is the best!

But let us not forget other holidays that come along in the year.

Starting with New Years Evil (1981)

Everyone loses their heart on Valentine’s Day, right?
My Bloody Valentine from 1981:

Then comes…April Fools Day:

And for every teenager is Prom Night(1980):

As a kid being included was always so important. The invitation to the birthday party was always such a big deal! You’d all sit around and sing Happy Birthday To ME:

Tomorrow we’ll look at more Slasher films!

Tune in then!