16 Days of Halloween: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Posted on October 25, 2010


16 Days of Halloween Something Wicked This Way Comes

Today I’ll be sharing some of the other supernatural flicks that haunt my movie collection. I think I’ll start with the title film 1983s Something Wicked This Way Comes:

Many of you aren’t old enough to remember the great Sandra Dee. I only knew of her from the movies that played on Saturdays and now on TCM. Sandra Dee was the original virginal starlet playing such clean and fresh faced roles as Gidget and Tammy (films I LOVED) but her career came to a grinding halt when she played in the movie that really blew my mind. She played opposite Dean Stockwell—yes I’m sure many of you recognize that name from the TV series Quantam Leap—but Dean Stockwell had started out in Hollywood as a child actor and grew up on the screen. Anyway, the movie I’m about to share is definitely a lights on type of film…The Dunwich Horror from an H. P. Lovecraft story.

The Picture of Dorian Grey is another of those stories that involved the supernatural

Movies like The Exorcist (and all subsequent movies of the series)

I also remember the first time I saw Damien. It freaked my shirt I’m telling you! It was one of those times I was alone at home, scared out of my wits and on the phone with a boy I liked. He kept saying “If you’re that scared, turn it off!” and I kept saying “I can’t! It’s too good!” Most of the movies in the Omen series were good but the best will always be the first one: The Omen

How many of us can remember high school as the most horrible time of our lives? I know I do. This film also marks the movie debut of John Travolta, and William Katt. Ahhh, poor Carrie:

Speaking of Carrie, Stephen King, master of horror, has brought us so many excellent horror novels that have gone onto films that fill us with nightmares. The next up on my must see Halloween Horrors is Pet Semetary. The first one, as with all good things, it can be done to death…

This Stephen King classic only served to compound my hatred of clowns. And who better to play the psychotic IT clown than Tim Curry???

They say houses store memories…even the bad ones, just ask the Lutz family about their lovely home in Amityville…

Made for TV horror films are not always unique. However there is one that styands out as the VERY FIRST Scarecrow horror piece. A movie from 1981 called Dark Night of the Scarecrow.

Another supernatural horror flick I enjoy pulling out is The Haunting. I want the classic original from 1963. Much better than the remake.

Thanks for joining me!
I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring in our 16 days count down. I guess I’ll be as surprised as you will be!