16 Days of Halloween:Strange Magic…

Posted on October 24, 2010


Ahh the tune of ELO…Sorry, I really love them.

Today we’re looking at movies about witchcraft. Most of them are spine tinglers but there are a couple that are just good clean fun!

There is one movie that used to bug the socks off me and I have been looking for over a week but cannot find the name of the movie. I’ve searched everywhere and what kills me is that I had this problem once before, I found the movie the last time and I wrote down the name in one of my notebooks. The movie is set in the 70s and it’s about a couple who move to this really nice little town. It’s really nice until people start spouting off about witch craft and accusations are made. In one scene an accused victim is placed on the ground, a huge piece of wood is put on their chest and then rocks are piled on until the victim’s crushed beneath the stone. If anyone has any ideas which movie it is PLEASE tell me? Thanks so much!

One of my all time favorite witch movies was actually the basis of the TV series Bewitched (another favorite of mine) it’s not a horror movie though. It stars Veronica Lake and Frederick March (who according to film historians had wonderful screen chemistry but absolutely HATED each other in person.) Here is a clip from the movie I Married a Witch:

Here is a clip from the 1966 classic horror film The Witches:

This movie from 1968 is enough to scare the jeebers out of everyone about the pregnancy from hell, Rosemary’s Baby:

In 1969 came The Witchmaker

In 1971 another of my favorite witch movies came out…It’s not a horror flick though, it’s a fun movie suitable for the entire family. Bedknobs and Broomsticks:

In 1973 came The Wicker Man. Now I’ve got to admit movies from the 70s had me convinced that nearly everyone in the movie industry was smoking them funky cigarettes or dropping strange little pills. How else can you explain some of the…movies that came out at that time?

There were several great movies that came out in the 20 years between the 70s and 90s but I’m picking movies I really enjoyed so…
The Crucible

I even enjoyed that stupid little film The Blair Witch Project. It was so obviously faked but it did have its moments!

The next movie on my favorites list is also not a horror but it cracks me up because it’s about the Sanderson sisters who are witches. Why is this funny? My grandmother had two sisters, and their maiden name is Sanderson…Okay maybe it IS only funny to me but this movie is guaranteed to be a fun way to spend Halloween with the kids. Also—note the boy who plays Binks. Why? When he grows up he’s going to star in the crime drama NCIS as McGee…

This movie, also not a horror is always on my must see list. The movie stars Jimmy Stewart, Kim Novak, and costars Jack Lemmon and Elsa Lanchester. From 1958 Bell Book and Candle:

Finally The Covenant from 2006

Tomorrow I’ll share some of my favorite other supernatural flicks!