16 Days of Halloween THEY’RE ALIVE! Or are they?

Posted on October 21, 2010


Zombies, Zombies everywhere and not a living soul in sight.

Today it seems as if zombies have been around forever. (And, depending on your age, you’d be right.) However that wasn’t always the case. The very first recorded film that showed a zombie like state was a silent film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1919).

But Zombies were not part of the mainstream there wasn’t another zombie film made until the handsome and enigmatic Bela Lugosi made the film White Zombie in 1932 for Universal Studios.

White Zombie (1932):

Then came the next Zombie flick, Revolt of the Zombies—a sort of sequel to White Zombie. Then followed several low budget B films such as Ouanga in 1936.
Then in the 40s they combined zombies with Nazis and came up with the prewar thriller King of the Zombies (1940):

Then came the “sequel” Revenge of the Zombies (1943) this time John Carradine plays the scientist trying to create zombies to fight for the Nazis during the war. This same year came I Walked with a Zombie (1943) .

Zombies tapered off in favor with studios until George Romero created Night of the Living Dead in 1968

Since then Zombies have been portrayed in frightening ways–

The Evil Dead (1981):

To the silly like Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Even in music zombies play a part—Rob Zombie is one of my favorite musicians and one of my favorite songs
His song Living Dead Girl is one of my all time favorites:

For some reason Zombies haunt our imaginations in a variety of ways. Especially around this time of the year. I’m interested in hearing what zombie flicks are on YOUR must see list!

Tune in tomorrow when we look at Big Foot flicks!