16 Days of Halloween Day 4 UFOs Invaders and Aliens OH MY!

Posted on October 18, 2010


Over the weekend I watched a Sci-Fi flick from the fifities, UFO era. It was called Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers. It’s an extremely likeable flick, enjoyable to watch. It made me think back over some of my favorite UFO/Space Invader “horror” flicks.

Here are 10 of my favorite movies:

1. The Classic The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) I did like the Keanu Reeves one–who can’t help but like Keanu? however my favorite version will always be the original!

2. The Thing From Another World (1951) is another one of my favorite flicks. It’s funny, James Arness–before he was Miss Kitty’s hearthrob in Gunsmoke, played a handfull of roles but this is one he absolutely HATED. He refused to go to the opening of the movie. However, his Thing was one of the best space creatures I think I’ve ever seen!

3. Forbidden Planet (1956)–“Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet….” oops sorry, channeling opening to Rocky Horror Picture Show again. For those of you who only know Leslie Neilson from his silly comedic roles you should see him in his younger days! This film also introduced us to Robby the Robot. Yes, Forbidden Planet has to be at the top of my list of faves:

4. The original Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) was a chilling tale that I used to LOVE watching!

5. No list of alien space flicks would be complete without one of the most frightening, grotesque aliens of all times: THE BLOB (original 1958 version please!) Man was Steve McQueen HOT in this flick! What many didnt know or don’t realize this was Steve McQueen’s debut role as a leading man!

6. Invaders from Mars is also on my list of favorites. Not because it’s an excellent film or because of effects, lighting, writing. No my reason is purely personal. There is an actor–uncredited–who played the role of one of the aliens. This man was known by several different names–in the wrestling ring he was called Paul Bunyon, some people called him Max Palmer, a friend fo mine called him dad. Max Palmer was one of the Guiness Book of World records tallest men. He was indeed a giant of a man. But Max had a heart that was larger than he was. Max was a sweet, kind, wonderful man who I had the priveledge of knowing. He was a friend of my dad’s, a regular customer at the cafe where I had my first job at the ripe old age of 15. Max didnt live a long life, but to those who were blessed to know him, he led a full one. anyway–INVADERS FROM MARS is on my must see list. And when you watch it, watch forthe alien carrying the good dr. to the ship–that’s Max’s role! (Max played in a couple other films as well–the Ape in Killer Ape opposite Johnny Weismueller was Max’s role)

7. The War of the Worlds–H.G. Wells is one of my favorite authors. This movie is one that is a MUST see. The remake only succeeded in proving to me that Hollywood is becoming increasingly unimaginative and Tom Cruise is a hack actor. Nothing can touch the original screen play–unless it’s the original radio broadcast–which thannks to digital restoration I own a CD copy of…LOL But since we’re talking movies: War of the Worlds (1953):

My favorite special effects master is Ray Harryhausen. No one can touch his talent. He made several dozen films over the course of his career, a few of which were Sc-Fi/alien movies. The following movies on my list of faves were works of Ray Harryhausen.

8. The first Harryhausen movie on my list started this whole topic off–Earth vs. The Flying Saucers. The special effects were interesting to say the least. It’s not a movie that would terrify by todays standards but it’s an enjoyable way to pass an hour and half!

9. Next up is a space travel film about our attempt to explore alien planets. What we bring back with us can be terribly frightening and dangerous–20 Million Miles to Earth(1956):

10. The last film combines my favorite special effects, stop motion animator with one of my favorite authors H. G. Wells. The first Men in the Moon was filmed in 1964 and is a lot of fun to watch:

Tune in tomorrow for my list of top favorite films from Ray Harryhausen!