Posted on October 13, 2010


So I was in the bank parking lot today and I had this amazing idea for my books.

I love my new boys The Four Horsemen. I also love the titles, but I was looking for a fun, unique and interesting way to promote them. I came up with it! VANITY PLATES!

Check them out!

Thats the initial “plate” the logo for the series.
What follows are the plates for each book:
Death Rides A Pale Harley

Conquest Triumphs On A White Harley

War Thunders On A Red Harley

And finally Famine Strikes From A Black Harley

Aren’t they GREAT?!??! I’m going to be making some awesome prizes using these logos and icons. Make sure you follow my blog to keep up with the latest news!

Well I gotta head off. Lots to do and running out of time to do it all.

See y’all soon! Huggles