Thursday’s program Review

Posted on September 24, 2010


Well, last night was Thursday which meant a welcome back to my thursday night favorites: CSI, The Mentalist and The Big Bang Theory. Rather than try changing channels for half an hour I hung in for the new show $%*& My Dad Says.

Here’s my reviews for last night’s programs:

7pm: The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon at long last has a girlfriend. She’s as…obnoxious as he is. They’re the perfect pair. It was wonderful watching their first date–Sheldon’s first EVER. It was GREAT. I love this show. Sometimes they get a little crude–I could’ve done without Wallowitz’s robotic arm issue. But it was a funny episode none the less. I wish Leonard and Penny would find their way back to each other but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Anyway, my score 8 out of 10–I deducted 2 points for the previous mentioned Robotic Arm issue.

7:30 $*^& My Dad Says
Right off I have to say it was funny. I wasn’t really interested in it because I absolutely LOATHE, HATE and DETEST William Shatner. He’s an offense to human intelligence. He’s a horrid example of a human being and a rotten actor. If they’d managed to wrangle a REAL actor like ooo James Garner to play the role I’d have fallen HARD for this program. I just can’t get over the fact Bill Shatner is in it. Story-wise it’s got promise. The zingers, the lines, all excellent. But I’m sorry Bill Shatner detracts from any positives at all. It’s a matter of not having a fill on that time slot, I’ll have to be satisfied with watching another channel. 3 out of 10. The supporting actors are fabulous but they can’t carry Shatner’s dead weight.

8 pm CSI
Poor Nick had a rotten day. And some one please tell me if Sara is married to Grisham WTH is she still on the show? Bring him back or send her away. I love Jorga Fox and I hated when she left but without Grisham balancing her, she feels like a floating ship missing an anchor. I’m glad they didnt kill Dr. Ray! And what is the deal with the new boomb expert? Where did she come from? There was too much going on with new faces, missing familiar faces (Archie, Wendy, Hodges) and Sara coming across as an after thought. I still love the show and haven’t decided to switch to The Vampire Diaries–yet. If they can’t bring some cohesion and unity back to the show I may have to say SEE YA CSI…7 out of 10

9 pm The Mentalist
I really dig Simon Baker but he was off his game last night. It makes perfect sense with the story arc but it was jolting to see his suave cool scattered. I REALLY, REALLY think I know who Red John is. I’m anxious to see if I’m right so I hope we arent kept hovering in the wilderness much longer. They established his back story its time for resolution. It wont affect his ability to work with the CBI to finally reveal the answer of who Red John is–I’m CERTAIN I know but…well we’ll see! Last night’s episode ranked a 9 out of 10 for me.

Tonight CBS will be losing me as a viewer for most of the night. I’ll be tuning in for CSI: NY but since Stella is supposed to be leaving I don’t know how I’ll like the show. I’m willing to give it one last shot. If they drop the ball for the first time in almost a decade I’ll give up being a solid CBS dedicated viewer. I dont like Tom Sellack so wont be watching the new 9 pm show–besides Supernatural premiers tonight I’d rather watch it!

If CBS hadn’t cancelled Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs they’d still have a dedicated viewer in me. Too bad. My vote is only one vote but sometimes that’s all it takes to topple the election.

I can’t STAND medium and Patricia Arquet. I’ve never seen her in role where her acting was anything less than subpar. She just doesnt have the talent so I can’t see why CBS gambled on keeping her program running and cut loose Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Ah well. Tune in Monday if you’re interested in my opinons on tonights programs!

Gotta run! Huggles til Monday!