Premier Week Review Cont’d

Posted on September 23, 2010


Last night I didnt really miss my usual program at least for the first hour. In the past I watched New Adventures of Old Christine–but I was getting disgusted by the show so didnt shed any tears over it’s cancellation. Then I would watch Gary Unmarried. I really did enjoy that one and I missed it but we can’t always have what we want. If I find something new to fill in that 7 to 8 pm gap I’ll let you know but as of now there is NOTHING on network TV that catches my interest.

At 8pm I watched Criminal Minds. I was BLOWN AWAY! The show does get edgy and dark at times. I also hate it when they show stuff happening to kids but last night’s episode was fabulous. I loved watching JJ go out of her comfort zone and talk to the kidnapper. If the previews for next week are to be beleived, I am SOOO going to be pissed! It appears our JJ is LEAVING!!! NO! Say it isn’t so! JJ is excellent and key member of the team. How can they let her go?
But I’m only reviewing on what I saw last night which is–not surprisingly a 10 out of 10. Tim Curry played his role of meth head and psychopath with conviction. He really made you beleive he was mentally unstable with a God complex.

At 9pm I watched the new show The Defenders. I love Jerry O and Jim B. They are wonderful comedic actors so seeing them in a more dramatic role was going to be interesting. They pulled it off well! I was intrigued and pleased with what I saw. I’m interested enough to watch it again next week. I can’t give it a solid 10 out of 10 over all rating but they did rate an 8 of 10 in my book!

Tonight’s programming: The Big Bang Theory, S%*$ My Dad Says, CSI and The Mentalist.

Huggles until tomorrow!

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