Tuesday means NCIS night!!!

Posted on September 22, 2010


WOOHOO!!! It’s that time again. NCIS is BACK baby! YEEHAW!

So, like yesterday I’ll give you a brief run down:

7 pm: NCIS
As usual, it ROCKED! I love Ralph Waite being the senior Gibbs. He’s a great actor and I can so see him as Jethro’s Daddy–it’s very easy to imagine. It’s nice to see that Tony hasn’t changed. I love that Ziva, Abby, Ducky and Palmer are all back in their positions. I was a little surprised at McGee though. He looked almost TOO thin. He was never FAT, he was a little meaty, I admit that but it wasn’t obscene. I just thought he looked like he’s been ill recently. He had a slight pallor to his skin and he was just way too skinny. If I didnt love him so much…LOL As far as Director Vance goes–I don’t trust that man any further than I could pick him up and throw him across the room. He’s sneaky, he’s a liar and he’s devious. I’d like to see his character killed off and a director like Jenny Shephard be brought in. Not meaning it has to be a woman director, but meaning someone you could trust. Anyway… 10 out of 10

8&9 pm: NCIS LA
WOOHOO! Can you feel how much I LOVED these episodes? Callen and Sam are two hunky men who are street smart, intelligent and wonderful. I’d LOVE to find them on my side any day. I’m also pleased as punch that Hetty is back. She’s like Abby, she’s a core character. If they lost Hetty, they’d loose the magic that makes the show work. Kenzi is beautiful and gutsy. I’m dying to know where they sent Nate! This show definitely earned a 10 out of 10 from me! Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Tune in tomorrow for reviews on Criminal Minds and the new show The Defenders. Don’t know what I’ll be watching at 7. I HATE Survivor and the rest of those reality TV show garbage fillers. I absolutely HATE it! Would love to see them bring in a comedy block to start the night of suspense.

See ya tomorrow!