Fall Line Up

Posted on September 21, 2010


Last night was the beginning of the fall season premiers week on network television. Now I can only comment on programs I watch so you won’t find my opinions on ABC, NBC, FOX, WB or CW here. I’m a CBS person. I admit it. In the past the only network station my television knew existed was CBS. Of course since they cancelled Ghost Whisperer, Numbers and played with the scheduling that is not the case this season. Monday Night line up I did watch onn CBS though and I have to admit I’ve got some rather strong opinions.

7 pm: How I Met Your Mother
ENOUGH ALREADY! Cheese and Crackers. How many years are we going to be subjected to Ted Mosby and his neurotic hunt for his wife? This has just dragged on for far to long. I’m done with it. 3 out of 10

7:30 pm: Rules of Engagement:
It’s still kind of quirky and fun but I’d rather see the program focus more on Jen & Adam, and Audry and Jeff. It’s just not funny watching little Russ sniff after “hot chicks” any more.
All in all I give it an 8 out of 10.

8 pm: Two and a Half Men
In the beginning this was a cute show. Now it’s like a contest to see how crude and disgusting they can get away with being on television. There’s nothing amusing about a drunk who spends most of his life swimming in a bottle. Or about a 16 year old having two girls sneaking out of his room. I’m not a prude but for goodness sake
CLEAN IT UP A BIT!!!!! 1 out of 10

8:30 pm Mike and Molly
THANK YOU CBS for having the courage to have a show about fat people! You’ve done a wonderful job in showing us two charming, witty, engaging characters who, while in a quest to be healthier, are NORMAL people! I LOVE Mike and Molly! They’re just a wonderful couple and the show promises to be soo much fun! THANKS CBS AGAIN FOR BEING SO WONDERFUL! A solid 10! EXCELLENT SHOW!

9 pm: Hawaii 5-0
I’m old enough to remember the original series. I HATED IT! I was also upset that the scheduling change occured and moved CSI Miami out of this time slot…however, I LOVE ALex O’Loughlin so I was willing to give it a shot. Daniel Dae Kim is a sexy man and a pretty fair actor so I was happy to see him in the line up. The fact they added a chick to the team was another bonus but I wasn’t sure I’d be crazy about the “equal opportunity” cast line up.

This show ROCKED! I mean it held you in suspense from the first minute and didnt let the action drop! I LOVED IT! This was not a reconstituted repeat from the unimaginitive Hollywood brains. This was a wonderful, current take on a classic. I’m hooked. SOLID 10! ROCK ON!!!!!

I’m trying not to fall completely in love with this show however because while I LOVE Alex, the track record speaks for itself. Anything with Alex barely completes one season much less survives for two or more. You don’t beleive me? Moonlight (On my list of top three favorites): Cancelled after one season (16 episodes) Three Rivers (another excellent program): Cancelled after 1 season (13 episodes)

Whill the new Hawaii Five-) survive? Let’s hope so–as long as they can keep up the action and suspense, I’ll be tuning in!

Tonight NCIS and NCIS-LA return! WOOHOOO! I’m sooo ready for more head slapping, intense blue eyed gazes, action and adventure I can’t WAIT!

Huggles and happy VIEWING!

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