Posted on September 3, 2010


In case y’all didnt hear the news, I SOLD DEATH RIDES A PALE HARLEY! YEEHAW! I’m so very excited. The only thing that would make things more perfect–DH would get the call about his new job.

That the other three books in The Four Horsemen series would write themselves as easily as this first one did. I plan on getting into the groove again soon–I HOPE!

I was playing with my Photoshop and I created a sample of what I’d like this book cover to look like. Now I do not own the images so I can’t use them in the official cover but for the purposes of an example of the feel–well that I can do.

Want to see what I came up with? Okay here it is:

Death Rides A Pale Harley concept

I personally LOVE it! I think it works–but I know that the cover artist will create something that will work perfectly and I will LOVE it–even if it doesn’t even SLIGHTLY resemble my idea…LOL

Here is the blurb and tagline for this book:
That which doesn’t kill us only comes back for a second chance at the job…

Simon “Smash” Smazniski is anxiously headed home for a well earned rest. He’s also desperate to see that pretty little waitress with an angels’ smile. In his fantasies, she fits in his arms perfectly.

Tabitha Myers is thrilled to her toes when Simon walks into the restaurant. The man is sexy as sin but completely baffling. He’s never hit on her before—when he finally does she jumps at the chance and says yes.

Their first date turns into a nightmare when Tabi dislocates her shoulder. But the nightmares have only just begun when her past comes back to destroy her. Simon’s secret life comes to light offering her safety but is it more than she can survive?

Yes I’m just way excited.

I’ve been working on the next book in the series Conquest Triumphs On A White Harley. This one isn’t being written quite as easily as DRAPH was. It’s taking a bit more concentration and effort. I know this is because I didnt hit on exactly the right formula for the book. When I have the perfect balance, the story will write itself. So while I struggle, it’s worth it in the end because ultimately the perfect mix will hit.

I have written the blurb and tagline for this one as well. Here it is:
An old flame…a hidden truth…and justice for all…
Maddog Turner has been called in on the case of the abduction of a young woman. Human traffickers and drug runners are the top suspects in his mind. He has seen and done it all so there’s nothing about this case that can throw him—or so he believed…
Shell Marshall didn’t know what to expect when a strange woman arrived with the promise of help for her vanished daughter. Her world nearly collapsed when Maddog Turner reappears in her life demanding the truth about her daughter…
Now it’s up to Maddog and the Horsemen to shut down the traffickers and rescue the daughter he never knew existed before it’s too late…

Another HUGE WOOHOOO: Hunting Mickey will be released in just a couple mroe weeks! WOOHOO! I can’t WAIT! I loved my boys of the Gateway Guardians series. I can’t wait for Mickey and Terese to have their story shared with y’all!

Well, now that I’ve crowed and made my announcement I better take off. I have some last minute things to iron out before I head off for the day. My DH is going to require dinner before long so I guess I better go!

See y’all on Monday!