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Posted on September 2, 2010


Big thanks to Donica Covey for letting us come here and play today! We’ll get started with our first Q&A.

My Wife, the, erm, Author

Q: What does your family think about your career choice? Are they supportive?

Michelle: My family has been very supportive. Of course, I didn’t tell many of them I was writing until I had the first contract offer, but since then they’ve been great. My mom has been wonderful. She’s read some of those first efforts… I cringe for her thinking of how horribly messy they must have been, lol. But, she stuck with it. She also sometimes does read through for me if I need help or am on a super tight deadline. I love that we’re close like that. She’s the best.

I also consider Mandy family, even though we’re not related technically and even though she probably isn’t claiming me since that incident at RWA Convention Texas. (I swear I had no idea the tortilla petals would be that big and come at the WORST time). Though, I’m sure the powers that be have pretty much given up on severing the tie, lol. She’s been a HUGE support, letting me rant, complain, cry, rant some more and then smacking me over the head telling me to grow a pair and get to work. Hey, we all need the brutally honest one in our lives, lol.

Not everyone in my family reads my type of books, but they’re all very supportive and encouraging. I don’t keep my job a secret.

Mandy: I think my mom might be my biggest fan. I really mean that. She’s great about passing out bookmarks, pens and any other promo goodies I load her up with. Just recently, she was helping with a signing/appearance for Twilight actor Peter Facinelli (he’s the doctor/father vampire) and while she was there, she chatted him up about me. I thought that was incredibly sweet. Also, FYI, she says he’s a really, really, really nice young man.

As for my husband, he’s behind me a 100% just so long as I don’t ask him to be a test reader. He’s not a fast reader nor is he a fan of the romance genre so he cringes when he sees me coming with a red pen in one hand and a sheet of printed paper in the other.

My sons don’t really know what to think of it. To them I’m just mom. They don’t really get that my books are available in bookstores all over the world. My middle one once came home from school excited that a “real, live author” was coming to their school to sign books and meet them. My oldest just looked at him and laughed, asking what he thought I was. He stared blankly at me if that tells you anything.

Everyone else in my family always asks how the writing is going and what I’m working on. They’re very sweet about it all. So far, no one has thrown tomatoes at me or anything.

Michelle: LOL Mandy’s mom is great. She’s like a walking billboard—I LOVE IT!! Lubs you Mandy’s mom!!

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