Guest Blogging

Posted on August 10, 2010


At The Writer’s Vineyard today. would LOVE it if y’all would drop in and say hello!

I also received an email from the acquiring editor over at Champagne Books regarding Death Rides a Pale Harley. No word on if it will be contracted or not, just a note letting me know that the editor was getting ready to read the novel and she was REALLY looking forward to it. That I should hear a response in 4-6 weeks. 4-6 more weeks?!?! ACK! LOL Keep your fingers crossed for me please? Thanks!

My daughter’s getting ready to pick up her stuff for her first week at college. I’ve been pounding the pavement hitting the back to school sales to stock up on office supplies…oh! It almost slipped my mind…

DH HAS TWO JOB INTERVIEWS!!! WOOHOO!!! Am I shouting? YOU BETTER BELEIVE IT! He’s got a phone interview on Thursday and “if they like him” he’ll be travelling out of state for the face to face interview. Then he has another interview on Monday! WOOHOO!!! In all honesty, the first interview is the place I’m rooting for…I’m ready to move to Arkansas. Of course I’ll be screaming and shouting no matter which one he gets–I just pray he gets one soon! (But please folks, let’s keep out fingers crossed for the one in Arkansas, okay? THANKS!)

Take care and see y’all later!